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Christian Lundin

Re/Golf & Henrik Stenson Design Golf Course Architect

I've had the pleasure of knowing Janne Lehto for quite some time, and our recent collaboration on the Hirsala Golf project has been nothing short of remarkable. Working closely with Janne over the past year, I've come to appreciate not only his professionalism
but also his forward-thinking approach to technology.

Janne is truly one of the standouts in our industry. His commitment to sustainability and his ability to stay ahead of the curve in adopting new technologies are not just commendable; they are a testament to his dedication to delivering exceptional golf experiences and value for both clients and employers.

In particular, I want to highlight Janne's role as a tech trailblazer. His knack for leading technological advancements within our project has been instrumental in keeping us at the forefront of innovation. I have full confidence in Janne's ability to navigate and leverage emerging technologies, making him an invaluable asset to any team.

I wholeheartedly recommend Janne Lehto for his outstanding professionalism, commitment to sustainability, and his unwavering dedication to staying at the forefront of technological change. He is truly an asset to any endeavor he takes on.

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Mikko Ilonen

Co-founder at Ilonen Design Oy

Janne is an experienced golf course maintenance expert and golf course agronomist with extensive knowledge in managing golf courses for international tournaments as well as producing high-quality playing surfaces in the harsh Nordic climate.

Janne has shown passion and professionalism in the development of golf courses, and his particular strengths lie in sustainable golf course maintenance. Janne skillfully applies the principles of sustainable and responsible golf course management in every decision and project.

I can warmly recommend Janne Lehto for various golf course projects. He is truly a valuable asset in the implementation of both large and small projects. Janne works with great dedication and is an excellent team player who is ready to listen, adapt, and be flexible as needed.

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Jonathan Smith

CEO at Golf Environment Organization

Janne is a very knowledgeable and experienced professional, across many aspects of golf course and facility operations - and with a particular passion and ability to apply a sustainability lens to every opportunity and decision. He is also a wonderful collaborator, willing to listen, consider and adapt. His ability to focus locally and also think and promote globally is an added asset.